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Course of FLS

 School Features

The Affiliation Foreign Language School under South China Normal University is a foreign language school with profuse Chinese culture details and evident international characteristics. Years of exploration and sedimentation in elementary education realm of South China Normal University provides professional academic guarantee and introduction of international exchange platform and advanced education concepts empowers innovative and practical vitality in the school. The school has formed its unique features by gradually optimizing curriculum, teaching, teachers, hardware, platform and so on.

School Features • Curriculum

Fusion of Western and Western Styles

The school has set up a coherent and flexible curriculum framework that can both adapt to varying changes and take into account demands of different students. A curriculum framework has different organization methods, curriculum contents with varied profundity and range and flexible learning strategy and styles that has three closely-connected realms respectively learning sector, inter-communication capacity and mentality and value concept.


Multi-dimensional English

 It opens a series of courses including English and Culture, English and Mentality, English and Talents and so forth that embody core value of English in holistic development, cultivate citizens with international competitiveness, foster their open, exclusive, respectful and apprehensive value concept on different nationalities, races, history and culture and help them to become man with global sentiments.


Individualized Option

The School provides ample second-class courses for selection, which satisfy students on their learning extent, extends and expands curriculum contents in the school and attains demands on individualized development in students.


Course on Second Foreign Language

It opens courses on minority languages covering French, German, Japanese and the like. Its compulsory for middle school students and elective for elementary school students. It aims at forging a multi-language community and opening an international school-running route. (Go global, Act local). 

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