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Notice on the receipt of the visit of parents

In order to meet some demands of off-campus students's parents to visit and understand our school as well as to ensure the school normal teaching order unaffected, now parents visiting time and related matters are arranged as following:

1. Reception time: every Wednesday afternoon: 14: 30-16: 00, every Saturday morning: 9: 00-11: 30, except for statutory holidays;

2. Visitor reception department: Admissions Office;

3. Parents need to make an online reservation in advance at the school's official website ( ormake telephone consultation with Admissions office. Registration Hotline:0371-58931042, 020-32051989

4. If the parents do not come over due to other reasons, you can call the Admissions Office to make an appointment for the next visit time;

5. Parents need to show a valid identity documents, visit civilization, take good care of young children accompanying, be not noisy and do not affect the normal teaching order of campus.

6. This notice shall be implemented since September 12, 2016.


It is hereby announced.


Affiliated Foreign language school of SCNU.

September 8, 2006



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